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Re: Poetry? Blake?

Lara-I'm an English prof/poet/bookmaker, so Blake is a biggie on my list!
Also Whitman and Dickinson, for slightly different reasons, but they each did
more than just write. Dickinson sewed her own private books--fascicles--found
after her death. Whitman printed and reprinted Leaves of Grass all his life.
I use all three when teaching about the book in the creative writing program
where I teach. It's wonderful to show studetns what they did,a dn to
encourage them to think about their own writing that way. Also, I love
teaching visual artists more about writing poetry--they often do very well,
see things easily, write very metaphorically, and avoid the overly-lofty
vagueness that plagues many beginning writers.
Have fun--enjoy! Laurie O'Brien

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