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Re: Oriental Art Supply in Southern CA

I just called them and ordered some of this paper.  I suspect it is the
same as the calligraphy rolls I have been buying in Japanese stores which
I use for backing things.  I do a lot of quilt like designs, sometimes
using pieces as small as a quarter inch.  Often I construct them like
Seminole piece or strip quilting, glueing quarter inch strips in rows
together and then when they are dry cutting them apart and offsetting
them to make bargello like patterns.  If I want say an eighth inch edge
on a quarter inch strip I lay down the quarter inch piece in the middle
and cut the edge strips wide and then after it is dry cut them to size.
I find it easier to be accurate that way than trying to cut a really
skinny piece and get it down straight.  I use a lot of quilting tools--I
couldn't manage without the rulers designed for rotary cutting and I got
a thing with quarter inch slots that is great for cutting accurate strips
with either an exacto knife or a rotary cutter.

Anyway, what I started to say was that the OAS woman I spoke to was
intrigued to learn that their papers were being used for book arts.  She
said they mostly sell to brush artists and was interested to learn about
the book arts list.


Petersburg, Alaska

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