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Re: Poetry? Blake?

Jan-Not having found what I want that puts writing and bookmaking together, I
am writing my own textbook for my class. I think there are a lot of books out
there that have a little of what you may be looking for, and if you want my
long list, I can get it together and send it to you, but I can't have my
students buy a dozen or so books (and of course they wouldn't read them), so
I embarked on writing my own. May even seek a publisher, but this is the
first step. I'm giving it to them in sections, and they are binding each
section in class as the first step toward putting the two together. First
section was a fairly quick survey of how writing began--alphabets and
materials. Gave it to them in single sheets, then made paste paper covers,
then did a simple Japanese stab binding. Next section is more on the
development of alphabets and typography. Will probably do a concertina-type
for that. Will do sections on materials, codices, editing, and contemporary
publications. Each will have a different type of binding. They also have some
projects interspersed with these. So far they've made a rebus (early writing
form) and an origami book (colored cover, white pages, no glue or
thread--makes a cool little book). Workins on a flag accodion book right now.
And they will edit an edition of the university literary magazine. If you are
intersted in seeing the first section (in sheets, i.e. xeroxes!), let me know
and send me you surface mail address. I'd be glad to let you know. Haven't
gotten up to Whitman and Blake and Dickinson yet, tho! That's much laterin
ther term, and I'm writing as fast as I can! Have fun with your

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