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Re: Collaged Covers

At 07:48 AM 9/24/99 -0400, you wrote:
>This summer a friend of mine was working on a book cover similar to the one
>you have in process.  She did use PVA, an it worked fine.  She used the
>thinner variety of PVA (comes in the ochre and white bottle) rather than the
>heavy stuff that Bookmakers sells.

I've used PVA thinned with water to more of a thick cream texture, but was
not happy with warping, which I think was caused by the additional water.
I've also used polymer medium in very thin coats.  Recently I tried an
expensive but satisfactory medium called Perfect Paper Adhesive.  I'm
disappointed that the manufacturer does not list any ingredients -
something I consider somewhat unethical, but I have used it in collage for
several different projects now and I appreciate both its flexibilty and the
moisture content, which hasn't warped the materials as much as other media.
I suspect that it is a polymer medium.  I haven't tested it for stickiness,
so you may wish to do some samples.


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