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Al Capone

You read this, that, and the other and once in awhile something
interesting turns up.

Tonight I was reading Gene Fowler's biography of Jimmy Durante,
and there, on p. 30, was the following:

"Eddie Jackson was the youngest of three brothers and two sisters.
As a boy he worked after school hours, first in a confectionery
store, and a year or so after his graduation in a bookbindery in
the Bush Terminal Building, Brooklyn.  His foreman was a young
Italian named Al Capone."

And yes, it was that Al Capone.

A few years ago I was on a job at Alcatraz and went through the
part of the prison where Al Capone spent his last days, but at
the time I knew nothing of his relationship with Jimmy Durante,
much less that he was a bookbinder.

Just another data point.


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