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Re: Rice Paper

Betty Storz wrote:

> Robin,
> I'm afraid your friend will have a hard time finding a recipe for rice
> paper. "Rice paper" is a misnomer for Japanese or Oriental papers. There is
> no rice fiber in it. From "Japanese Bookbinding," by Kojiro Ikegami, p. 16:
> Washi, although often erronwously called "rice paper," is in reality made
> from the inner bark of three fibrous plants: kozo or paper mulberry, gampi,
> and mitsumata.

Can bamboo be used to make paper (of the types available in the US,  and using
small scale methods)?  If so,  are there particular types of bamboo which are
more suitable?

I am also interested in knowing,  if anyone can tell me,  what US-native
grasses make good paper.

Thanks in advance for your reply,


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