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Re: Rice Paper

Betty Storz wrote:

> Robin,
> I'm afraid your friend will have a hard time finding a recipe for rice
> paper. "Rice paper" is a misnomer for Japanese or Oriental papers. There is
> no rice fiber in it. From "Japanese Bookbinding," by Kojiro Ikegami, p. 16:
> Washi, although often erronwously called "rice paper," is in reality made
> from the inner bark of three fibrous plants: kozo or paper mulberry, gampi,
> and mitsumata.

It seems to me there ought to be a way to make paper out of rice,  or at least
rice mixed with something.

I'm going to experiment (okay so I'm crazy) and see if I can come up with
anything,  ideally related to rice paper,  but at least a handmade paper so
that I can observe its qualities.


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