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Printing on vellum

Hello, friends!  I'm learning a bunch from all of you.  I don't write much,
myself, as I'm just learning, but I hope to contribute more in the future --
to swaps as well as conversation.

My urgent question:  I'm doing my sister's wedding invitations and am trying
to print on vellum with a dot matrix printer.  I knew I'd have difficulties,
but I was told that spraying the vellum with hair spray would help the ink
adhere.  Well, maybe I'm not waiting long enough for the ink to dry, but I
think I'm missing something, cuz the ink is still smearing.  Somehow, I got a
perfect one yesterday (no smearing), but I can't figure out what I did to
deserve it!

Can any of you help?  Mail straight to me, please -- kbrlyw@aol.com.  Thanks
a million!


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