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Re: Collaged Covers

For most of my collage work, I use methylcellulose in liberal quantities.  Coat
the surface you are going to collage and the back of each piece you are going to
use.  The whole thing will get very wet, so take that into consideration if you
have inks which may bleed or a backing which might warp.  (I always do my
collages on paper then use PVA or other adhesives as appropriate to attach it to
the final surface.)

After all the images/text are on the backing, give a final coat with the
methylcel.  Methylcellulose is also a paper sizing so will seal and protect the
collage, and it will not dry sticky.  Let the whole thing dry until it is about
as wet as a thin apple slice (very scientific terms here) then put into a press.
The main thing is you don't want the methylcel to be tacky when you put it in
the press.  Change the blotter papers as needed until it is completely dry.  If
it is still damp and try to rush the process, the collage will curl up (personal

Even if you have used other adhesives for the rest of your collage,
methylcellulose would still be a good bet for sealing your collage.  Much better
than that evil substance rubber cement.  For sealing and collage, mix the
methylcel so it acts like unset Jello.  Thick, viscous, but still pourable.  And
if you buy the powder form and mix it your self, a little powder goes a long
long long way.

For an example of this method (backed onto folded peices of paste-painted
tyvek), look at my book in the latest GBW exhibit (yep, a bit of shameless
promotion going on here...)


One thing that hasn't been covered is the copyright issue.  Anyone have any
comments on this?  Especially if it is a one-of-a-kind peice?  Real curious
about this aspect.


 Eric Alstrom
 Guild of Book Workers WebBinder
 Midwest Chapter Newsletter Editor

 Hanover, NH

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