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Details: Paper Shoe Book / Paper Arts List

To all who inquired,

You can learn more about the paper arts lists at

"The Paper Shoe Book" (ISBN: 0517884399) is available to order from Barnes &
Noble and Amazon.com  If you search for the book online, you can see, on its
cover, three of the shoe styles you can make.  (I chose the toeless slip-on
sandal.)  The book contains the materials you'll need to make your first
pair of shoes:  paper, cardboard, nonskid soles, and patterns for all sizes.

The process consists of:

Determining your size
Cutting out 8 heavy duty cardboard and 2 nonskid soles
Cutting out 2 paper insoles and 2 uppers
Gluing them all together
Distressing them for wear

I cannot send the patterns as it would violate copyright law which, as a
bookmaker, I do my best to respect.

Kelly Anderson

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