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Bookbinding equipment sale @ Planetary Collage (Portland, OR)

For those in the Pacific Nortwest Area... I'm only passing this on, so for
more information contact Tim Ely at: <AXT1221@aol.com>

On Saturday, October 16,  a  sale of the personal bookbinding tools and
equipment formerly of Colophon hand Book bindery will be on sale at
Timothy Ely's studio, PLANETARY COLLAGE. The studio is located at 1306 NW
Hoyt and the door will be open at 10 and will close at 4.

This Equipment was viewed by me and is of top quality and many of the
pieces date back to the last century and need good homes for the next

Here is a tiny sample of whats on deck.There is a lying press, small, a
paring stone 11x16 inches, band sticks, lettering pallets and many other
finishing tools. There is a lot of small stuff such as gold foil and leaf
and brushes etc. So bring your check books and come join the party. I
don't have any specific answers to questions like prices but general
questions I
can handle.


Timothy Ely
<AXT1221@aol.com >


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