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Re: what to do with 'em?

Seems to me, artists' books are simply another form of art.  What one does
with them is experience them, find inspiration in them, and hopefully, share

One of the aspects I love about artists' books over other kinds of artwork is
that they connect the hand with the mind - by opening a book, one enters a
private gateway, and the mind is engaged while the hands crank time forward
by turning pages.  Each page is a discovery, a stepping stone along a

Furthermore, the uniqueness of artists' books makes the of them very
different from standard books, because one can't help but be very aware of
the rareness of the work, the intimacy of the piece with the bookmaker, and
the workmanship of the form.

Roberta, your books particularly are so wonderfully sculptural that I would
hope people would display them prominently and explore them often.

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