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Re: leather skiving or alternative?

The other issue is chrome vs. vegetable tan. Cheaper leathers, like the
ones at Tandy, or even Ganes may well be chrome tanned which renders them
harder, makes them dull Scharf-fix blades quicker, and stretchier. If
you're working with a "bonded pleather" (Dregs of leather shavings mixed
with glue, pressed and embossed) forget it. The only thing I know of which
will pare leather like that is a Fortuna. There are also some place around
(don't have addresses handy) which will pare a skin to a specified
thickness. If you want to work with leather, invest in some nice skins
(yes, they cost more) but you'll see the difference very quickly and your
results will be much nicer. You'll also want to make sure your paring
knives are sharp. I test mine on the back of my hand. If the hairs snap at
the sight of the knife it's good. If they fold over, strop it some more.


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