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Re: Collaged Covers

Oh boy, copyright issues.  This is truly a black hole.  Your friend changing it
"33%" makes absolutely no difference.  There is no percentage rule.  The big
problem with copyright and the arts is the wide latitude of interpretation of
the law.  The rulers used to measure infringement are so vague that they are
open to a wide degree of interpretation.  It can vary greatly from case to
 Nobody worried about collages for years.  Now all of a sudden, with some wild
lawsuits out there, we are forced to worry.  The safest rule, and the one I
teach and use here at the university, is: If you didn't make it yourself, you
can't use it without written permission.  Our legal counsel endourses this.

Pamela Rups
Computer Multimedia Specialist
University Computing Services
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI  49008
(616) 387-5016

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