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Re: Learn this

Dear Mark Arend,
What you wrote is is so true.
And, for the persons who have the artist
mentality/spirituality in their souls or in their
subconscious, but do not have any of those creative skills,
such as dry cleaners with no free time, housewives with no
free time, gang members who paint trains,  or grocery clerks,
and those were not reognized in their early childhoods as
such,  life can be either very painful or, with good
discipline, just plain not very satisfying.  I wonder how many
"non-functioning "misfits" in society are really would-be
artists.  Because our society values participation in a
scheduled activity, and production within the economy, many
suffer emotionally, never getting the skills for artistry, the
respect for artistry and for these particular skills.

Many others feel that giving those skills is a wasteful

Let's all being aware of this, if we are parents, or if not,
urge our school systems (as well as Veteran Administration--if
some of you recall a painful email recently)  to place value
and put their money on the ARTS IN EDUCATION, as well as on
science etc.
Many fewer kids would mess up in the future that way.

Olivia Hibel,
 J A C O B ' S   D R E A M
     a non-profit partnership to promote communication,
through the arts, and cultural and spiritual means,
founded by Olivia Hibel and Rabbi Gershon Freidlin

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