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Re: Rice Paper

I took a papermaking class from an excellent paper
artist a few years ago: Nance O'Banion at California
College of Arts. I seem to recall that the problem
with rice fiber is that it is too short and produces
an extraordinarily weak paper. one suggestion might be
to incorporate cooked and mashed rice...we did a lot
of that sort of stuff. anyway, Nance was an incredible
resource on adding things to paper, she'd tried a lot,
so if you can get in touch with her, she'd be good.
she knew about the abilities of most plants and food
type things in paper situations. if I were in the
states, I'd dig up my notes for you, but alas, I am in
Jordan and have no access.
 also, there is a woman on this list, whose name I am
blanking on who has a papermaking mill in New York and
makes incredible artists books--she'd probably know.
her paper art is nothing short of amazing. I am sorry
I can't remember your name--but I remember you from
when I was at Mills. you came and taught at Kathy
Walkup's class one day and sent most of us spinning
into confusion!!

anyway, good luck and enjoy playing with paper making.

leil (or Camellia)

leilx@yahoo.com  leil lucy alexander   Malka, Irbid, Jordan

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A voice said: "It is no desert."
        --Stephen Crane, who never came to the desert
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