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M. Duke Binding Program

Friday & Saturday, 22 & 23 October

   For its Fall Book Arts Seminar, The King Library Press will host
guest lecturer Maureen Duke.  Ms. Duke, of Petersfield, Hampshire,
studied at the Guildford School of Art, holds the National Diploma
in Design, and is affiliated with Designer Bookbinders, the Institute
of Paper Conservation, the Society of Archivists, and the Society of

   Ms. Duke is an award-winning bookbinder and an internationally
recognized book arts lecturer.  She has made presentations or consulted
on bookbinding and preservation in England, Belgium, Australia, New
Zealand, Romania, and Venezuela.  She has been honored with three
one-artist exhibitions for her original work.

Friday:  22 October

   Book Arts Lecture
       "Bookbinding:  Then and Now"         Free and Open to All
       7:30 p.m., The New Peal Gallery
       King Library South
       University of Kentucky

Saturday:  23 October

   Saturday Book Arts Workshop              $25 Fee

   Continental Breakfast
       9:00 a.m., Lobby, King Library South

   Morning Bookbinding Seminar
   Afternoon of Printing and Binding
       at The King Library Press

   Lunch - Noon to 2:00 p.m., on your own

   Join guest book artist Maureen Duke as she discusses
 her experiences as a bookbinder.  She will address tools
 and materials used in complex and sophisticated binding
 projects, such as the sewing frame, tpaes, binders' board,
 , headbands, fillets, and fleurons.  She will comment on
 sources of supply, basic literature for consultation,
 and issues of archival preservation confronting the
   She will also critique and comment on historical
 bindings, designs, and techniques identified in the Rare
 Book Room.  She will respond to questions about craft
 binding methods.
   Ms. Duke will also work with participants in a project
 for developing paper bindings and explain how paper
 bindings can be reinforced.  Participants will print a
 simple pamphlet at the King Library Press and carry out
 the binding project working with Ms. Duke.


 Saturday's book arts workshop requires registration and
 a fee of $25.00.  Registration is limited.

 To take part in Saturday's activities, make a reservation
 by calling (606) 257-8408, or contacting klijdb@pop.uky.edu
 Direct your check for $25, payable to University of Kentucky,
 to THE KING LIBRARY PRESS / University of Kentucky Libraries /
 Lexington, KY 40506-0039

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