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Fwd: Ordering info from VPC

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Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 12:00:30 EDT
Subject: Ordering info from VPC
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I apologize to those who received this without a subject line, or with
everyone else's name on it. I realize that list members receive tons of stuff
per day.  So in order not to P*** anyone off, I will try to be more careful
next time.

For those that have expressed real interest in ordering, this is the

E-mail me at victorpap@aol.com
Tell me how many journals you want, and if you care for any specific type
cover.  From that we can determine the weight of the package you'll be
getting and give you UPS charges.
Send us a check for the designated amount.
PRESTO - you get your journals.

Thanks to all of your for your interest.

Aimee Kligman


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