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Re: "what's it fer?"


The person who said, "If it has to be 'splained, don't ask, you just don't
get it." (or something to that effect) wasn't being snotty about the
question of ,"what's it for?"  Some people just don't collect things...
instead they throw things away as a point of pride. THEY wouldn't
understand collecting an artists' book just to collect it.=20

Also, among the populace there are many many people who've NEVER had an
original or creative idea in their lives - poor things. I've been asked
lots of times, "Where do you get your ideas?" To those I usually answer,
"The Sears catalog." They seem satisfied there's a PLACE where one can get
original ideas. THESE people wouldn't understand collecting a work of art
in any form (unless it was painted on black velvet).=20

I think we, who make SOMETHING out of NOTHING, must understand what a
consummate priviledge (and responsibility) it is to be able to to just
that! And that not everyone is able to, or will understand, that gift. Be
gentle with them... they're the ones with the money!



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