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Re: Speckle edges & a spray method?

Take a course brush, like for cleaning suede, and a course screen. Apply
color to brush (not much) Rub across screen onto waste paper until globs
are even and how you want them. Then do it on the book. Book should be in a
press or something holding it clamped and into place. Boards and bricks
work too. For different effects, apply color, chalk dust, more (different
color)... Just experiment. It's fun. BTW. This technique is also covered in
most general (traditional) bookbinding manuals. It'll give you a different
perspective, and it's always great to have a good solid reference library.


At 05:57 PM 9/28/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Someone once mentioned something about applying speckle edges with a sprayer
>of some type. Was it someone on the list? I don't remember where I saw it,
>but it sounded very interesting. Was it anyone here? Thanks. JT

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