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Books in Sheets Followup

A short while ago, I asked the list about the demand for "books in
sheets."  Most of the dozen or so replies I received were interested in
sharing the responses with the list.  So here's what people told me,
although I took the liberty of condensing answers and eliminating

If anyone else has more to add, please respond either to the list or to
myself offlist at: timkra@panax.com  When I decide exactly how to
proceed with offering books in sheets, I will post again to the list
with all the details.  If you would like to be put on a notification
list for "books in sheets", drop me a message offlist with your name and

Thanks again for everyone's help!


------------------RESPONSES FOLLOW ------------------

What types of books are of interest?  Any particular subject? author?
time period? title? genre? language?

instructional books
home repair
contemporary English
children's books
adult fiction

Are you interested in any particular size, format, font or layout?

no; any size; any format; any layout
small to miniature

What materials are important to you? (e.g., acid-free paper, handmade
paper, letterpress vs. laserjet, etc.)

acid free is of interest
handmade paper is of less interest
laserjet acceptable
letterpress preferable
oddities of interest

How many copies would you require of a particular title?
How many titles would you expect to work on over the course of a year?

single copies or very few; not in quantity
1-12 of a title; 3-5 titles per year
1-2, occasionally up to 12 of a title; 6-12 titles per year

What would you expect to pay for a single copy?

$20-$50, depending on the title and specifications
would depend on the title
would depend on whether or not it was letterpress

Where do you find books in sheets now?

Keith Smith

Any other comments?

This would be a popular classroom tool for those who teach.
Major consideration would be that the grain of the paper runs
Generous margins.
Thickness of the paper in balance with the size of the page.
Judicious use of any images.
Deckle edges are desirable.


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