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Just about every marbler I know, including myself, has had their work
reproduced without permission at one time or another for ads, package
design, book jackets, you name it. Copyright laws are now VERY
"pro-artist". I know one marbler who sued and successfully collected in t=
five figures, and had not registered her work, but was able to get a
retroactive copyright registration by being able to prove  her work was i=
existence prior to the unauthorized reproduction of her papers.

One thing I learned many years ago during a very annoying battle with a
publisher who reproduced my work on two book covers without permission, w=
that if you call the copyright office in Wash.DC, and are lucky enough to=

get a person, you can ask to speak to one of their attorneys in the legal=

department. I was lucky enough to get through to a very helpful attorney
who was wonderful. I was able to call back (he gave me the direct number,=

which unfortunately I no longer have) numerous times over the year this
battle was going on. Due to his advice, I finally settled. This was
free.......except for the phone charges.

In addition to the copyright symbol on the back of each paper, most
marblers include a paragraph on a rubber stamp stating that "sale of this=

work does not transfer copyright or reproduction rights, please contact
artist for permission" or something along those lines. It seems many peop=
think that if they buy an item they own it lock stock and barrel and can =
whatever they want with it, including sell the design to others for a
layout. It has happened to so many of us so many times, many of us
(marblers) keep a form letter on our computers and just change the names
they are sent to.

Iris Nevins

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