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bookarts & ISBN?

Hello book people.  I am an artist and writer but very much a newbie when
it comes to making any kinds of books but I am inspired to create one
revolving around a kind of art workbook concept. The bulk of the book will
actually be blank pages like a sketch book, but there will be an
introduction and guidelines written by myself and I guess in a small way it
would make me a "self published" writer as well as "book maker".  And so I
was wondering if anyone has ever found themselves in a similar place and
applied for an ISBN to somehow formalize the book.  Is it necessary?
Someone told me that it would be necessary if I wanted to sell the book in
a bookstore. I've looked at various hand made artbooks on line and none of
them have an ISBN and I am guessing it's because they lean more towards art
than publication (probably mine is more hand made/craft + publication).  On
the other hand I am fairly certain I have seen artbooks that involve or
"hold" an original story or collection of poems chapbook style that are
made in limited edition numbers but I can't recall if they had ISBNs
either.  Now I am getting myself confused with art, bookarts and books  (no
definitions are necessary).
Any information, experiences in the self publishing and book creating areas
etc. would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance
Deb Clay

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