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Re: "what's it fer?"

Many people collect "things"--Hummel figurines, pumpkin-shaped salt
shakers, Beanie babies, artists' books...what "good" are many of these
things? (Indeed!) But maybe by responding in that context, you can begin
to explain art to people. As in--

"Well, if you collect anything, or know people who do, you know that
it's for the pleasure of looking at objects that please, or amuse, or
attract you. Maybe there's some kind of challenge in collecting and
displaying a whole spectrum of some things. Artists' books (or, for that
matter, Jackson Pollacks) are like that. Some people find them
beautiful, or funny, or thought-provoking, or challenging in some way.
Maybe you'll find one sometime that catches your eye or your
imagination, and you'll want to have it for yourself, to look at and
enjoy at will."

Betty Steckman
who, like many of you, seems to have become a collector of her own
stuff...by default

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