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Re: Rice Paper

We had a disastrous experience working with wild rice, a Canadian
specialty. While doing small batch experimenting, we settled on a 50%
wild rice + 50% cotton linter combo. All went well with the small batch;
the paper was pulled, pressed and dried and came off the blotters as
lovely white sheets with incredible flecks of wild rice. But when we
scaled up the batch and started the large-batch production, everything
went haywire! The variable "time" caused havoc with the pulp, because as
it sat in a bucket waiting to be added to the vat, it began to transform
into a gellatenous glob!

Over the course of a couple of days (and nights!), we tried everything
that we could think off - small batch preparation, quick
pulling/pressing, drying under pressure, air drying. In the end, after
destroying several layers of our dryer system from sheets that had
permenantly melded to the linters and a number of other
hillarious/distressing mishaps, we reduced the amount of rice to just
enough for a small speckle and breathed a sigh of relief!

By the way, airdrying produced large corn-flake like pieces of paper with
a brittle, translucent texture. Interesting if we had been trying to
achieve this effect!


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