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Rice paper and grasses

You can use raw rice as an addition to pulp in the vat.  I have used paper
with rice in it, that is called rice paper.  It has a nice texture, though I
know that what has previously been refered to as rice paper is a misnomer.
People do call this type of paper with the addition of rice "rice paper."  I
have been doing a lot of experiments with indigenous fibers and plants for
papermaking.  I like gladiolus and irises (leaves and stalks)  I also use
peony stalks, cat tail and straw.  I've used cut generic garden grasses as
additions to the pulp.  Glads are a lot of work, it has taken over four weeks
to get it processed the way I want it, but it appears to be worth it and they
were free!  Now I am starting a new batch of pine needles and corn stalks.  I
think the only limitations with materials for papermaking is in the mind
itself.  The plentiful sources of materials is one of the most exciting
things about it.
Stephanie Bird
Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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