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Re: Printer's waste

Try the local newspaper...  they often have end rolls for sale...
huge roll of newsprint paper can be gotten for like $3 a roll.

Alfred Tay

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suhag shirodkar wrote:
> Hello all bookbinders:
> I had some obliging printers in my area who always
> gave me their waste sheets from bad jobs. I use them
> on my workbench for paste jobs. Now the printers are
> contracted with the recycling companies so they no
> longer want to give away their waste. And the
> recycling companies don't sell it. Any ideas for a
> low-cost or no-cost source of waste paper? I usually
> need large sheets at least 11*17 or more.
> A bookbinder friend of mine gets her sheets from a
> doctor's office - the paper on which they make you lie
> on the examining table!
> All ideas most appreciated,
> Suhag


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