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what's it fer?

Tony Priolo, a wonderful Santa Barbara artist, art teacher (pottery, jewelry
making, collage, constructions, drawing) and wise man who made a good living
through his work in the arts for most of his 70 some years once told me the
following (paraphrased).

"If I had my life to live over, I would earn my living as something other than
an artist for 8 hours a day -- and I would do art for myself and myself alone
whenever else I felt like it. I have always disliked the compromises and the
pressures related to making a living with my art."

In Tony's later years --- he had gotten together enough money to work on his
art full time and I do not think he ever tried to sell anything at that stage.

This statement is contrary to what we usually hear about following your dream,
which generally suggests we work at what we like -- but I think it is worthy
of serious consideration.

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