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>>Andy Warhol designed the Campbells Soup can label. And transferred
>>rights of usage to them.

Unfortunately this is wrong. I now the thread is now off topic but this is a
pretty common myth (an urban myth?) that I thought should be corrected.  The
Campbell's soup can as it currently exsists has been in use with only very
minor alterations since the turn of the century. Warhol was not born until
1928 and did not exhibit his 32 Campbells' Soup Cans until 1962 at the Ferus
Gallery in Los Angeles. There is extensive literature on just why he chose
to mimic a commercial object. (See Hughes: American Visions or After the
Party by Warhol and McGonagle) In fact Warhol was probably inspired by the
earlier Jasper Johns Ballantine Ale cans.

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