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Re: Learn this

At 02:45 9/28/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Let's all being aware of this, if we are parents, or if not,
>urge our school systems (as well as Veteran Administration--if
>some of you recall a painful email recently)  to place value
>and put their money on the ARTS IN EDUCATION, as well as on
>science etc.
>Many fewer kids would mess up in the future that way.

I'd agree with this if the schools were teaching Art.  But they are not.
They are either teaching whatever 'artistic' fad is current, or teaching
that simply throwing something togther and labeling it 'art' make it Art.

Art involves communication.  If a piece fails to communicate, far more
often the failure lies with the 'artist' than the viewer.

Derek L.

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