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Re: what to do with 'em?

At 11:52 9/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Maybe so, but the original inquirer confessed to momentary bewilderment at
>coming up with an answer.   The person who asks such a question needs
>educating, according to Susan, and not everyone is primed to perform that
>service at the spur of the moment.

When one displays to the public, being questioned about the subject of ones
display is hardly an unxpected behavior.  Once again, a failure of the artist.

> Some products of our profession are not designed for the general public's

Utter self-ego-stroking (There is less polite word, but I won't use it.)
nonsense.  If it's not meant for the public, then it should not *be* in the
public.  Again the artists fails.

>and should not have to be explained to the unprepared unless one has thought
>through such a process of doing so.

If one is not prepared to meet the public, then one should not *be* in
public.  Once again, the artist fails.


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