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Re: what to do with 'em?

At 14:46 9/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I disagree that it's pathetic.  There are languages for which words are
>inadequate.  Imagine the lover, gazing into his beloved's eyes only to be
>asked, "What are you looking at me that way for?"  Or the throb of Ravel's
>Bolero being met with "That's SO  monotonous!"  Or in the antique store,
>looking at a Duncan Phyfe chair, and remarking, "Why all the fuss?  It's only
>a chair!" For such inadequacies words seem to me to be superfluous.

But in all of your examples a superficial explanation can be at least
*attempted*.  If
the artist or afficinado cannot at least *try* to explain, then he does not
understand it himself.  The English language is an incredibly flexible tool.

Derek L.

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