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Re: what to do with 'em?

At 19:55 9/28/99 -0400, you wrote:
>"What does it mean?"
>Well, its a book.
>It doesn't actually mean anything.
>I made it because I wanted to
>(or it was better than not making it).
>I enjoy making things.
>I respond to colours and textures and shapes, especially intimate,
>hand-held things.
>I like the way books fit in my hand, and the way the pages turn, and each
>speaks to me.
>To me it is truly amazing to contemplate the evolution of humanity through
>the vehicle of the book.
>And the variety of colours and shapes and sizes and materials and images
>and binding methods ...
>I could go on but you must be bored by now.
>Well, in this one I ...

<Applause>!!  A non-condencending, perfectly understandable answer!  (And
one that does not appeal to some mystical sense of 'meaning' as well.)


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