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Re: what to do with 'em?

Some people's artistry lies in words, spoken or written.
Others, flustered by words, make things with their hands as

And yes, making books is a marvelous way to teach art.  I was
lucky in junior high school art class, to be asked to write a
story, with a partner, to draw pictures illustrating it in
whatever way we wished, pen and ink, water colors,etc., and,
to fold and sew the paper however we wished, and make a cover.

Many lovely books were made in that class over the semester.
But more important, hat book-making project validated me and
my interests to myself, because it was actually in school, not
only on my kitchen floor.  .  And for others, it may have
given them ideas they never ever had.  A good art teacher, a
hand-made book,  aaah....

I somehow missed the original post on this thread, but did
want to express the above.

Respectfully yours,

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