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Re: Campbells'

<< Courtney Graham Hipp wrote:
 > Why didn't Campbell's sue Warhol? >>

Would you sue someone who advertised for you?  Especially if it was free

But I understand the underlying question.  When would it be alright to
appropriate someone elses work (artistic or not) and when would you get sued?
And does stature - as in someone as well known and (somewhat) respected as
Warhol - play a part?

I was thinking yesterday as I went through my pile of collage materials (mostly
discarded dustjackets which my library doesn't keep) that most of what I would
be using are images of ancient statues, Old Masters and Impressionistic
paintings, etc, etc.  By this time the object itself is no longer under
copyright - unless Bill Gates has purchased the rights in the last few days -
but the photo of the object which was placed on the dustjacket probably is under

My feeling is that in most instances I could have taken a very similar photo of
that same object and not worried about copyright.  By the time I am done with my
collage, no one will know the source of that image of that particular object.
Where I would draw the line (and become worried about copyright) is if the
photographer/designer of the dustjacket put that particular image of said object
in a collage themselves and then I just used their collage.  But I am not drawn
to using other people's collages, wanting just the raw materials (i.e. images)
to create my own.

Now of course all this changes if you are using artwork (or photos of artwork)
still under copyright or photographs from Newsweek, etc.  There are just too
many layers involved to make this an easy subject to discuss.


 Eric Alstrom
 Book: Artist/Binder/Conservator
 Hanover, NH

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