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Re: Learn this

In a message dated 09/30/99 12:51:42 AM, elde@HURRICANE.NET writes:

<< I'd agree with this if the schools were teaching Art.  But they are not.
They are either teaching whatever 'artistic' fad is current, or teaching
that simply throwing something togther and labeling it 'art' make it Art.

Art involves communication.  If a piece fails to communicate, far more
often the failure lies with the 'artist' than the viewer.

Derek L. >>

While this may, in fact, be generally true, I have to speak up for some arts
education. Today I taught a book arts workshop at the Arts High School here
in Minneapolis. The senior photography students (some of whom are media
majors), will be using one of two books I taught them for a final project.
They were bright, funny, adept, socially sophisticated (not all, of course,
but many), and thoroughly involved. After the workshop, I browsed the on-site
gallery, which was showing student work at many levels of development. While
there was a range of skill levels present and some evidence of "trendy" work,
I was impressed with the students' thoughtfulness, originality and, at their
highest development, technical and asthetic ability. Also impressive were
their accompanying statements. They had been required to create a
self-portrait (loosely structured) in the style of, or in homage to, another
artist, school of art, or external visual stimulus, which the student was to
have researched. Someone is teaching these kids what they need to know to
communicate as artists! It made me wish I could have gone to this school
myself (I was not permitted to take art in school beyond the 7th grade
because I was "too smart"), or at least been able to send my daughter there.
Barbara Harman

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