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Response to Re: Learn this

Thank you for this support of arts education.  Not all art educators are
charlatans following the latest rage.  Some of us actually teach the
basics, and understand that communication and artistic integrity are
important.  My emphasis is on studio production, personal
responsibility, and strong grounding in the elements and principles of
art.  I let students know that art in my room is about 'making vision
visual'.  I teach fifth and sixth grade students, and believe that the
work they produce is strong beginning work, and that they all have
futures as creative adults.  As a practicing artist, I bring that
experience to my teaching, and believe that students benefit.

What does all this have to do with the book arts (or how am I going to
stay 'on thread'?)?  Some would say that the book arts are a 'latest
rage' and have no place in a quality art education.  I believe that
books are a vehicle for education about art principles and practices and
have a strong unit in the book arts as part of my basic curriculum.
When I was an elementary art educator (before my new job this year!), I
organized what I believe might be the first artists book collection in
an elementary school library.  We purchased 12 artists books (both
limited edition and one-of-a-kinds) and make those available to
teachers, along with book arts kits for use in the classroom.  Students
view the artist book, and have the opportunity to make a book of their
own using the book structure used in the artist book.

I bring integrity and high standards to the profession and am always sad
when someone puts us all down without really knowing very many of us.


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