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Re: Learn this

About the teaching of art in  (public?) schools:
Great things are going on in our public schools. At a recent art show
sponsored by The New Art Forum, here, several secondary school art teachers
some of their students' artwork  on display. The originality as well as
technical excellence was every bit as good as that displayed by the older
more established artists' work shown. Naturally, the students are
stimulated by the enthusiasm and presentation of their own particular

 Perhaps the artwork done in elementary
school seems more thrown together, but many times this is due to
introducing the "fun" factor as motivator, budget limitations and time
limitations and, also, the fact that many grade schools have classroom
teachers teaching art  ( and some do a creditable job!)   As secondary
schools and colleges dump their drafting tables, rulers, paper and
pigmented sticks and pastes  in favor of computers, it seems that ( whether
or not you  agree) originality, freedom of choice and artistic fervor is
going to be on the increase as "the world" expresses itself in pixelated
words, images and sound.....recordable
and changeable on compact discs.  Aye  wot??

BEST to all
Lilias, at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop
PS  My daughter is a secondary art school teacher (just to make my comments
a bit less inane).

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