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Re: Biblitheca Memoria in Southern California

There is a remarkable exhibition in a commercial gallery in Los Angeles.
At Couturier Gallery, 166 N. La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles, Gaza Bowen, a
significant artist who respects recycled materials, has created a reading
room created from scrap metal found in the Santa Cruz,California area where
she lives.  The wall coverings, tables, chairs, lamps, and bookworks which
are accessible to the hand and to the eye are a joy to behold. The books
are meticulous in craftsmanship and beauty. This exhibition, which opened
on 9 September and will close on 16 October, is an exhibition that MUST NOT
be missed for anyone living in Southern California and elsewhere.  It takes
a courageous artist and a dealer who understands to make such a show work,
and it does with elegance and grace.  Sit down, read and be informed.
There is even the first of many volumes in metal, which the artist is
creating on a long-term basis. Bibliotheca Memoria by Gaza Bowen.

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