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Re: Learn this

At 12:58 AM 10/2/99 , Jack C. Thompson wrote:
>...overheard a student at the next table telling
>his peers that he was going to be a teacher
>because he knew that he could always get a job.

I was blessed with a few extraordinary teachers who transformed my life
beyond measure.

Unfortunately, however, I was also stuck with a few duds -- like a
substitute Art teacher in Junior High, who felt that our class was out of
order, so had her husband, our English teacher, give us all zeros for that
day's English test.  There were also many, many teachers who gave the same
assignments and tests to each of their classes, thereby encouraging
cheating.  Those of us who did the work ourselves got lower grades.

Then, as a college freshman, my advisor described me (in front of the whole
class) as the most untalented person she had ever met.  (My crime?  Our
Home Ec class had gone to a meat packing plant to see the different cuts of
meat -- and, as a special "treat', a hog was slaughtered in our presence.
Guess who humiliated the prof by emitting a blood-curdling yell and running
out of the building?  I've been a vegetarian ever since.)

And I remember innumerable college classmates who were Education majors
because they boasted that they'd have to work for three years, but would
then get tenure, and could coast the rest of the time.

IMHO, that is the problem with teaching: tenure.  It encourages lazy,
horrible teachers.

If not for tenure, I would favor paying teachers dramatically higher
salaries -- but, because of it, I think they're grossly overpaid (and,
before you argue, those in my area are the highest-paid in the country, no
matter how little they do).

(The Scottish Terrier Lover)

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