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Re: Learn this

I hesitate becasue I, too, am not usually too happy when we get way off
topic, but I think I can put this is an on-topic light.
My 17 yr old daughter is blessed--and I do mean blessed--with a high school
art teacher who is giving her expertise and her creativity and her great
mentoring skills to a girl who has had a rough time with school the last
couple of years due to a number of factors This is a huge school, 2000 kids,a
nd the teachers have incredible loads. The religious right controls the local
school board, and there is turmoil in many areas. This very wonderful teacher
is using book arts intergrated into photography and Advanced Placement art to
virtually reinvent how art is both taught and perceived in this school. She
has helped many other students over the past years, exhibits frequently,
serves as a vital part of the art community in this town. She has high school
students interning at the local art museum and at galleries. her students are
exhibiting and volutarily going to shows. When anyone says "art teacher" she
is who comes to my mind.
Yes, there are bad teachers, terrible colleges of ed, subpar intellects
headed for the classroom, ridiculous administrators--take your pick. But if
you happen to know someone like the above-described art teacher, give her
anything she asks for! and if she teaches your child--thank her often and
profusely. Interestingly, she says learning about book arts and teaching this
in the classroom has given her added creativity and inspiration. We're on to
something folks. My 2 cents' worth. . .Laurie O'brien

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