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Learn This

I've been reading your responses on this thread, and once we're on the topic
of teachers, feel the need to add my two cents' worth.

I've always loved making art and took it as one of my matriculating
subjects.  I had the misfortune of having a teacher who seemed ever so
slightly threatened, shall we say, and she advised me never to study art as
my personality was far too weak for it.  It was rather a question of my bank
balance not being hearty enough that set me back for a couple of years
before I did go to art school and graduated with distinction from
university.  But to make a ridiculous remark like this to an eighteen year
old not fully resolved in what life may have to offer deserves radical
treatment, I think, don't you?  Had I been weaker, I may indeed have
resorted to something far more sedate.

Which brings me to other, stranger points about teachers, that I have become
aware of since beginning to freelance as an arts journalist of recent

Given that I've been educated along the university route, and went to
university for very idealistic and Romantic reasons, I was often horribly
disappointed and disgusted at the lack of interest and commitment on the
part of the people who were (in my naive estimation) blessed to be in the
ideal situation of teaching at university.  It seems I wasn't wrong :  I've
just interviewed a woman who was informally taught before she enrolled in
her degree and it seems that you're either a teacher by birth or you
shouldn't ever aspire to that vocation.  Don't know if any of you have heard
of Bill Ainslie.  He was an artist/teacher who I never encountered
personally, but judging from the diversity and strength of artist who
proudly acknowledges their roots with him, he was an incredible teacher -
not offering his students a degree or any 'real' qualification, what he was
capable of offering them was the ability to do what they wanted.  Someone
who, it seems, makes the dictum, if you can't do, you teach, utter rubbish.

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