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Millimeter binding workshop in San Francisco!

There's still room to sign up for Adam Larsson's Millimeter Binding
workshop this weekend at the San Francisco Center for the Book...

Adam is visiting us from the preservation department of Uppsala University
Library in Sweden. He teaches workshops and has his own binding business as
well as exhibits his design bindings throughout Europe.

The millimeter binding is an extremely elegant leather structure useful for
thin books. Developed in Denmark after the war when materials were scarce,
it takes its name from the tiny amount of leather used on the spine. The
book is sewn on frayed cords (giving a smooth spine), has a special
Scandinavian "hooked" endpaper, leather headbands, and a "lapped" paper
hollow. The thin boards are attached in a strong, adhesive-only style to
the hollow and cords, making the structure solid but flexible. The book has
a thinly pared, narrow leather spine and decorative paper covers. This
binding adapts robust nineteenth-century techniques for use in a simpler,
lightweight structure, without surrendering the strength and elegance of
earlier styles.

Saturday and Sunday, October 9-10
10am - 5pm
$140, $10 materials fee collected in class

At the San Francisco Center for the Book:
300 DeHaro Street
San Francisco, CA 94301
call 415-565-0545 to register

[I'm taking this class myself and am really looking forward to it!
--Jocelyn Bergen]

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