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Mandala article

Dear Friends
    While this is not specifically about books, I thought it might be of
interest. Faces, a magazine for children ages 8-14, has just published
an article I wrote on Tibetan sand mandalas. It describes the creation
of a mandala by Tibetan monks that I watched here in Newburyport several
years ago and then gives directions for making your own. One of the big
ideas about the mandalas is that they are disassembled after their
creation as an exercise in non attachment. I used paper cones to
disperse the sand instead of the metal funnels that the Tibetans used. I
did the project with my kids as a test. It took many hours. After I did
it, I photographed it, then gathered the sand to ceremonially throw it
in the ocean. After I dropped off the film to be developed on my way to
the ocean, the thought that the pictures might not come out hit me with
a jolt. Luckily, the photos were fine and one is in the article. Faces
is an interesting  magazine- each issue focuses on a different country
or area of the world, They are published by Cobblestone, which also
publishes Calliope- world history and Cobblestone- American history.
Their web address is

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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