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Re: Copyright

You are absolutely correct that markings are not needed in order to be
protected, and as artists we should applaud that protection. However, if we
don't bother to mark anything then we should be prepared to deal with our
decision after the fact. Anyone who does not mark something and then shows
up perhaps years later laying claim to the copyright deserves to shoulder
the burden of proof, in my opinion. Abuses of this law will only ultimately
hurt us because so many of the cases sound absurd that Congress could very
well tire of tieing the courts up with the copyright version of spilled
McDonalds coffee suits.

On Friday, October 01, 1999 4:32 PM, Kathleen Parulski
[SMTP:ibindbooks@snet.net] wrote:
> I recently went through a copyright issue with a client & low aand
> behold one's work does not need to be marked.  The courts have an
> "understood clause"  The time you need markings and registration however
> is when you decide to sue.  I agree, always sign and mark, I learned the
> hard way too.
> Kathy

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