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Call for Papers: History of the Book: The Next Generation (fwd)

                        Call for Papers:


        The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies at Drew University will host the
conference "History of the Book: The Next Generation" on Saturday, 16
September 2000.  This conference is open to scholars from all disciplines,
but it aims particularly to showcase innovative work by graduate students
and newer scholars.

        Abstracts (300 words maximum) should be sent by 1 February 2000 to:
        Jonathan Rose
        Department of History
        Drew University
        Madison, NJ 07940, USA
        or e-mailed to: JEROSE@DREW.EDU

        Topics may include (but are not limited to) literacy, the common reader,
popular reading, the impact of particular books on culture, textbooks and
cultural controversy, libraries, illustrated books, banned books, scroll to
codex, the impact of printing technologies, electronic publishing, mass
publishing, book design and production, propaganda, newspapers, hoaxes in
print, and religious publishing.  Potential presenters will be advised if
their papers have been selected by 1 March 2000.

        This conference is cosponsored by the graduate programs in Book History,
Modern History and Literature, and English Literature at Drew University,
which is one hour west of New York City.  For more information about any of
Drew's graduate programs, please contact gradm@drew.edu.

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