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All sessions to be held on Sundays.  Last Call for sign-ups!

THE POP-UP BOX, a beautiful and useful way to house books, combining the
magic of pop-up within the structure of a box so that the book is an
integral part of the box and vice-versa.  Beth Thielen, Instructor, 7

THE ALTERED PAGE, focusing on some visual variation possibilities in the
creation of artist books.  Non-traditional materials such as slate, metal
mesh, and fibers will be introduced to create unique pages.  Gloria
Helfgott, instructor on 14 November.

ONE PAGE EDITIONS - a wid assortment, taught by visting artist Barbara
Lazarus Metz, founder of Artist Book Works and acting director of the
Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College, Chicago.  12 December.

ALTERNATIVE STRUCTURE and the Greeting Card, focusing on textless narrative
and epxloring the relationship between imagery and space in the creation of
offbeat cards.  Taught by visiting artist, Kumi Korf, on 19 December.

SO YOU HAVE MADE A BOOK! designed for individuals who would like to now
what happens efore and after the creative process kicks in, from
inspiration to selling the finishd work.  Conception, research, writing,
design, printing options, binding, distribution, ublicity, exhibitions,
sales and potential audiences will be discussed.  Bring work (in progress
or completed) and/or ideas for books.  Taught by Judith A. Hoffberg, 9
January 2000.

For further information, registration and details, call Gloria Helfgott,
(310)230-0155.  Most classes are limited to six people each.

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