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washi abrasion/marbling paper

I am wondering about the suitablity of some washi paper that I have as a
cover on a portfolio.  The paper is a Japanese print, like the top class
origami paper.  (To be even more specific, I got it from Fascinating
FOlds and it is blues and gold with an umbrella pattern).  I know that it
is strong in the sense of not tearing easily.  I was thinking of using it
on the cover of a portfolio.  I always wax them for protection, but the
surface is fairly soft and I suspect the pattern might wear off as the
thing is carried around.  But it is a really good quality paper.  Does
anyone have any experience trying to do that.  I sell the porfolios for a
pretty good price on the grounds that they are luxury papers and quality
workmanship.  Of course I could make one and carry it around for a few
years to see how it holds up, but I'd like to do it for the upcoming
craft fair!

Another paper question, this one addressed especially to the dealers on
the list.  Galen Berry uses the most wonderful paper for his marbling.
It is the absolute best paper I have ever worked with for binding.  It
doesn't buckle or curl.  He told me that it is actually an industrial
paper that is made for things like labels on turkeys and that you have to
buy it in thousand sheet lots.  No way could I store or use a thousand
sheets, but I would buy one or two hundred.  Are any of the dealers out
there interested in exploring the details with me and carrying it?  I'll
buy some if you do.

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska

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