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Re: washi abrasion/marbling paper

Using delicate washi on a portfolio...brings up the interesting issue of
suitability and the origin of materials.

Oriental papers were developed to support calligraphy and the bindings of
Oriental books are non-adhesive to resist insect damage...they were never
intended for heavy use, to be glued onto boards or otherwise, but are suited
to the type of books, scrolls and leaves which support brush calligraphy.
This is not to say they couldn't be used for a portfolio, but it seems to me
that you are wanting to alter the beauty of the thing...waxing would deaden
the paper surface, give an unpleasant (though waterproof) feel, and eliminate
the delicacy of the sheet.

Just a few things to consider in planning your work. Why not make light,
delicate Oriental-style books for your project instead, honoring the
traditional papermaker's art and the careful work of the papermakers and
suminagashi artists? Allow the thing to be that which was intended...
Paula Marie Gourley

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