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Re: silverfish

Yes, Peter is correct. A clean, dust-free, dry environment is important in
avoiding insect infestation. Frequent dusting of shelves and books,
uncarpeted floors near bookshelves, no food eaten near shelves will help a
lot. That's the reason for bare floors and NO FOOD ALLOWED signs in
libraries. Crumbs and other food particles attract silverfish and other
insects. Low-nap, industrial carpeting some libraries are using now is
better than the shag or deep pile kinds commonly found in home libraries,
which raise a cloud of dust at every step. One can't very well remove
wall-to-wall carpeting from in front of bookshelves in a rented house;
frequent vacuuming is a must.

I have read that sprinkling boric acid powder on the shelves in back of the
books will discourage cockroaches and other crawling insects, but don't let
your cat get in back of the books, though.)

Preventive measures are always better for insect control than using
chemical solutions more or less harmful to humans. However, applying one of
those mixtures may be necessary to clean up an existing insect infestation.

In "Curatorial Care of Works of Art on Paper", p. 34, Anne Clapp lists 4
insecticides of low toxity to man, Lindane, Larvex, Pyrethrum and Propoxur
and gives brief instructions for their safe use.


At 09:56 AM 10/10/1999 -0400, you wrote:
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>Controlling the environment is the best option, though that may be difficult.
>You'll want conditions as dry as possible. Silverfish love dank conditions.

Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA

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